Double Corrosion Ground Anchorage System

Double Corrosion Ground Anchorage System, UJVNL

Atal Tunnel

3100-kN capacity DCP Rock Cable Anchors at Atal Tunnel, Rohtang

High Tensile Wire Mesh with Self Drill Anchor

Slope Protection (Soil Nail / Self Drilling Anchor with Drapery System) at Kapkot Village, Bageshwar

Slope Protection Project

Cladding Wall with Ground Anchor at Teesta-3 Dam

Pendulum System Project

Inverted Pendulum Drilling at Subansiri Lower Dam site

Slope Stabilization – Stitching Bus Duct Project for Teesta Dam

Strengthening of tunnel (Stitching of Bus Duct) at Power House Mangan

Slope Protection – Anchored Wall at Madhya Bharath HEP, Sikkim

Slope Protection – Anchored Wall for help to Protect Global Failure of Road, Sikkim

spar geo infra

Deep Excavation Using Retrievable Anchor at Terminal 1D Metro Station