Job Responsibilities

  1. Speedy implementation of Construction activity without hindrances and bottlenecks.
  2. Foresightedness and vision to remove any possible hindrances in construction activity.
  3. Prepare and submit Daily Progress Reports
  4. Preparing and managing a checklist of works and identification of all small hidden/ implied activities.
  5. Preparing work orders for the Piece rate works and putting all possible conditions practically implied and statutory provisions.
  6. Reading and understanding Drawings and prepare Bill of Quantities.
  7. Record and inform every delay.
  8. Actions towards work as a team in a cohesive manner without any partisan attitude.
  9. Knowledge of applicable T&P in civil works and maintenance/ handling issues.
  10. Time- cycle adherence and its knowledge.
  11. Analysis of Rates and identification of Extra items of work 
  12. Knowledge of Technical specification of work.
  13. Knowledge of Quality assurance plan and cooperation to achieve the same.
  14. Documentation of work and presentational skills.
  15. Working Crew handling and knowledge of Labor/ insurance laws.
  16. Project Reconciliation
  17. Utilization of resources

Required Skill.

1. Communication Proficiency. 

2. Problem Solving/Analysis.

3. Results Driven.

4. Technical Capacity.

5. Quick Decision Maker.

6. Adaptable.

7. Open to travel at any site whenever is required.

8. AutoCAD

9. Microsoft Project/Prima Vera

Educational Requirement: Civil.

Experience Required:

Experience of 6-15years is required in relevant Areas.

Designation Offered:

Site Engineer or can be discussed in the Interview.


Negotiable as per Current Salary/as per Industry Standards.                  

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